Bacon || Clint & Faina 

This place was unfamiliar. 

She did not like unfamiliar. 

Initially, Faina had referred to her apartment as a sunlit prison cell for months after she has been taken to New York, but now—staying with Romanov, her partner, and her child—she finds that she misses it. Misses having her own bed, misses the particular consistency of her pillow, misses knowing every nook and cranny around her. 

And in her current state—too many injuries to safely navigate the streets—she has little to do but explore this floor. 

Along with the human occupants of the apartment, the girl quickly discovered several others of a canine persuasion. She stood in the doorway, watching the furry inhabitants, not sure of how to approach.

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    Faina pressed two fingers against the puppy’s nose, feeling how it was wet and cold. She thought about Laura, someone...
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    "Sometimes. Pretty sure there are a lot cats named ‘Sugar’, but their father went by the name of Pizza for the longest...
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