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I was about to get on here and write about anon hate, and how when you send anon hate you’re worth less than the dirt on my shoe. But then I realized that was not going to get anyone anywhere.

Right now, innocent people are hurting because some stupid Hate Anon Red Scare, of people accusing people and doing so with impunity. It is cowardly.

I know why people send hate. Because they feel low and disgusting and they want to drag others down into the muck with them, which is why I’m not going to call anyone who sends anon hate any names, but I am going to call your actions a couple of choice words:

  • cruel
  • cowardly
  • pathetic
  • immature
  • weak

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like the part of you who feels the need to stab people in the back just so you aren’t alone in your pain? Do you think that makes you the better person?

Do yourself a favor. Do not be the person that sends it. Do not be the person who spreads rumors without knowing what is going on. There is an innocent RPer who has been devastated by this Anon Hate Witch Hunt, and she deserves your respect and your apologies.

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